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Horse Lovers Retreat 21 July


Learn how to connect with horses using meditation

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Set amidst the serenity of the Cumbrian outdoors, this day is perfect for horsey lovers who would relish the opportunity of getting to know our gentle giants. In between meditation sessions we will be grooming the horses and finding out about their personalities.

To secure your place on this retreat, you can opt to pay in full or pay a £30 deposit (non-refundable) – just click on either and then click ‘Add to basket’. Any balance must be paid 2 weeks before the retreat date. If paying in full, we request you pay any Bank Transfer within 48 hours or send cheques within 5 days.

Below is the timetable for this retreat:


10am -11.30am Yoga – Stimulating emotion for deep inner peace, energising Sun salutations, soothing movements and breath work followed by deep relaxation and moving into stillness
11.45am – 12.45pm Meditating with the horses – truly magical mindfulness spent with the horses and a guided meditation
1pm – 2pm Lunch – seasonal, nourishing home grown or locally sourced lunch in the barn or picnic style weather permitting
2pm – 3pm

Grooming the horses – just as the yoga relaxes you before a meditation grooming relaxes the horses, spending time getting to know them

3pm – 4pm

Meditating with the horsesexploring deeper emotions, learning how to connect with the horses

4pm – 4.30pm

Coffee cake, review, feedback and farewell from the house