two lambs in a field

Nature is blissfully unaware

While the world around us deals with unprecedented circumstances of shops, restaurants and theatres closed and the whole country locked in there homes it feels surreal from the perspective of our farm. We are isolating in a micro environment where the grass still grows, the birds still sing and all our animals still need feeding and if it wasn’t for the absence of our lovely clients and not having gone down our lane for 3 weeks, we could be forgiven for not noticing too dramatic a change. Nature is blissfully unaware of the difficulties mankind is experiencing. 

Having had the wettest 8 months in our 7 years here the rain finally stopped and the ground has firmed up, which has brought huge joy to our cattle as they have been under a roof since December and this week they and their calves have been turned out. They gallop and buck and frolic like the horses and look so happy to be out, I think being reunited with Wallace the bull must be part of the attraction, he is visibly delighted!

Lambing is over and the ewes get a morning hard feed out in their fields, the lambs are momentarily forgotten as the adults rush forward and a cacophony of baby bleating erupts as they loose sight of their mums. We number them when they are put out at the beginning so it’s very easy to spot who’s lost and where mum is. Crikey they grow fast!

The horses are still sleeping in at night as there isn’t quite enough grass yet to sustain their voracious appetites so they come in at 6 each evening for a feed and huge hay net. Ferdy, never one to keep his feelings hidden starts whinnying at about 5:30 concerned we might forget. Otto is loving the warm afternoons, winter rugs abandoned and sun on his back he is loving this work free spell. 

I too have more time on my hands so have started to do a daily meditation with him and Paddy… Timing is key! If I go out too early and food is on their minds they just graze around me, which is a little disconcerting sitting on the ground with eyes shut and huge feet near mine. So about 2ish I’ll go and join them, plonk down near by and get present, it doesn’t take long to notice everything has gone quiet the munching has stopped and utter peace resides. At the beginning of the current world dramas I started a 30 day on line course for gratitude so it’s very easy to focus my attention to each daily exercise.

Otto has twice laid down next to me and started to snore which is the most gratifying and joyous experience – it reminds me that this was the very reason I wanted to start the retreats – too good a moment not to share when normality resumes and we can be together some sunny day. 

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