At Full Circle Retreats, our day retreats use the healing qualities of nature, animal therapy, meditation, yoga, nutrition and soothing creative channeling to access your true potential. To find bliss, and to fill your heart with love and self nurture.

Set under the nurturing presence of the Lake District fells, we invite you to Whasdyke Farm, to escape for the day to an environment where we gently and naturally strip away the stresses of the modern world. To give you focus, clarity and a new sense of freedom. It’s “a place to be yourself”.

Each Full Circle Retreat day is themed around a creative discipline. There are currently five for you to choose from. Click on any of the options below to take you to more details about our retreats or simply visit our Retreats page. All our retreats are non-residential so please visit our  ‘Where to Stay‘ page, for some ideas for the perfect weekend.


What do we mean by Full Circle? For a fuller explanation, read below. But put simply, it’s a reset. A return to a you that doesn’t have the stresses of modern life. A you that that finds something new in the beauty of nature. A you that can do anything!

The study, work and practice behind Full Circle Retreats is aimed at providing a space, beyond the fast pace of life, to re-establish your sense of wholeness. The landscape, the horses, the farm, together with a carefully constructed schedule of yoga, horse meditation practice, nutrition, and creative workshops, combines perfectly with our ethos to create a sanctuary where full living takes place.

We have found, that being absorbed in nature, by taking part in therapeutic activities, with an intention set for self care and exploration, helps you find your inner playfulness and creativity. The awesome, yet gentle presence of beautiful Clydesdale Horses draws you in to a realm of innocence. It reveals that which does not serve your health and your balance, and shows you how you are walking through the world.

All our retreats for 2019 are led by the seasons, surrounded by horses and guided by the chakras. Based in the breath-taking landscape of the English Lake District, Whasdyke working farm offers wholesome nurturing where you can take time out to press pause and really let your imagination run wild.

Each retreat begins with a session of yoga, followed by meditation with horses. The bond created with the horses is a fantastic way of creating a stillness within yourself. You will be amazed how our Clydesdales connect with you.

All Full Circle Retreats are non-residential. For some lovely examples of the various guest houses, cottages and hotels that are available in the area please visit our ‘Where to Stay‘ page.